Thirst Relief


$5.00 provides one person with clean drinking water for 25 years.

We sure do take things for granted. More than 1 billion people across the world lack access to a clean water supply. Water sources are often distant, dirty and unsafe. Waterholes teeming with parasites and bacteria are one of the leading causes of sickness and death globally. 

When we heard the shocking statistic that just 5 dollars would go towards building water sources that would ultimately provide a person with 25 years worth of water, we knew that this was a mission we wanted to be a part of. 

With your 5%, a-thread pledges to fund thirst relief international. The money will go straight towards  providing a holistic clean water solution and hygiene training for poor communities. If you haven't already, please check out to learn more about the importance and impact of clean water.

Thirst Relief Short from Anton Lorimer on Vimeo.